G.I.Joe A Real American Hero Issue 213 – A Look Inside!


We don’t talk a whole lot about G.I.JOE Comics much any more. Well, there was just a momentous event in today’s issue.
Three momentous events. Check out what is happening below, then head to the Forum and sound off with your thoughts!

Ok so in order to understand all this you need to go back and read some back issues.
Start with issue 206 and catch up.

All caught up? ok good now let’s discuss.

The events leading up to this issue all start with the Joes finding out that Joe Colton and Jane Colton have been living in their hidden basement and conducting tests on a giant..eye.
This is supposedly the reason the Joes need a shuttle and an aircraft carrier at their disposal.
Just in case this eye wakes up.

Like the mad scientist and his creation, man cannot leave well enough alone. They bring Serpentor back from the dead so that he can act as a control device for the eye. They assume they will be able to control Serpentor through the most moral joe, Roadblock. So they toss Serpentor in a bacta tank and heal him up.
Then they link Roadblock mentally to Serpentor.
With me so far?

The Joes also have a giant robot which, may or may not be a housing for the “eye”. It is in their hidden basement too.
The Joes also find that the Red Shadows ( yep they are in the comic now too) have a secret base in the country of Olliestan.
OK I have to take a moment here, I love that name…Ollie, Stan…Laurel and Hardy. Love it.
There is also a place called Prupistan…a nice nod to Bob Prupis. Then there is Rudatistan
In Olliestan the Red Shadows are working with Cobra on their own giant robot.

Now do you remember Sean Collins?
He was the son of one of the original Vietnam LRRP members that was on a tour with Stalker, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow in ‘Nam.
He pops up, he joined the army and is a decorated vet. Stalker and Snake Eyes convince him to apply for the Joes.
When he is accepted Snake Eyes gives him one of his prized trench knives from his collection, this is a very important moment.

Fast forward to today.
Snake Eyes dies a heroic death. Catching a grenade and torpedoing himself, Serpentor, and the grenade deep into the pit where it explodes.
Throwdown goes through a series of events that transform him into a near replica of Snake Eyes. The arashikage ninja is severely burned and picks up the torn off mask of Snake eyes and put it on to hide the horror that was once his face.

Snake Eyes is no more. Or is he? Is this just a re-birth of the character?
Hama said this would be a game changer.
Throwdown is now the tragic figure of the GIJOE universe.
What kind of character will this be? He is obviously a hero in past issues, but will this change the man? How would Throwdown do things differently than Snake Eyes?
The son of a Crimson Guard, a highly skilled ninja, and now a tragic victim of a horrific event. His life has taken a similar path to the silent ninja master.
How will this affect Scarlett? Stalker? Storm Shadow?
The Baroness and Destro have strong ties to Snake Eyes as well. They will all deal with it and move on as they are no strangers to death of comrades, but how will they deal with it?
Things in the comic are now going to be very interesting as we see how people cope or do not cope with what has happened.

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