G.I.Joe ‘ACE’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m talking the original G.I. Joe fighter pilot. 1982 was an instant success and paved the way for more new exciting G.I. Joe vehicles and figures. The Skystriker is one of the greatest Joe vehicles ever made and the pilot did not and in my opinion, still does not disappoint. Ace was a very unique design. He has a kind of a space look to him. The cartoon version was more of a modern 1983 pilot suit and helmet which there is a really cool version of Ace that was produced in 2004. This version was sold single carded so it was easy to pick up 1 or several to fill those Skystrikers with pilots.

The original Ace is one of my favorite versions though. Even though it had a futuristic look to it, this was pat of what I loved as a kid. It wasn’t just a military toy. There was so much room for artistic creativity and endless possibilities of characters and unique looking figures. I don’t want all the same uniforms on figures. I love the contrast of all the different uniforms. I had Ace as a kid and I absolutely loved the figure sculpt and the removable helmet. This was a very cool feature and If he was ejected from the Skystriker he looked like he had some extra protection as he parachuted down.

Ace did have a few modern updated figure and I think the first version held close to the original but they were all cool version. Ace also had a couple 12 inch, the 1993 version is cool and has a classic pilot feel to it. The 2008 version that came with the TRU exclusive Land, air, and Sea pack looked more like Wild Bill so that is who I use this figure for. I’m not sure a pilot is in the cards for a 6 inch figure, but it would really be cool if we did get an Ace. Over all Ace has been a staple character throughout the franchise and has appeared in the cartoon and comics consistently. I love this character and all he has had to offer over the years. Who loves Ace? Who has an original Ace and Skystriker in their collection? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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