G.I. Joe All-Stars Day 30 – Saga of the White Shadow!

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G.I.Joe All-Stars Day 30 – Saga of the White Shadow & the Black Snake

Swizzlesticks Customs and icecreamman presents, G.I. Joe All-Stars day 30…

“The Saga of the White Shadow & the Black Snake”

Tommy Arashikage and Robert Sanders treated each other not just friends, but brothers. Both were Vietnam War heroes and later on served in the U.S. military as operatives of an anti-terrorist special mission force. Robert died saving thousands from a mad bomber. A ninja apprentice took over his military identity to give honor to his legacy. The world mourned Robert’s death. But unknown to everyone, the body which was buried was not Robert’s. Tommy took Robert’s body and brought him to their ninja temple. Tommy knew the “chi” was the key to save Robert’s life. The “chi” is an inner force inside a person’s body which is a source of powerful strength / energy, and as a ninja, Tommy was trained how to harness its power. It was said that a person can escape death once that person’s “chi” fully awakens. Its power would bring life back to a person who died within 48 hours. Not all “chi” are strong enough to fight death, but Tommy knew, Robert’s “chi” is one of the strongest in the world. With the help of an ancient ritual, Tommy was able to bring Robert back to life. Until now, Tommy and Robert are classified as MIA and deceased respectively under military records. Tommy is now known as the White Shadow and Robert as the Black Snake. Together with their former special mission force female team mate named Red, they currently fight a new face of evil, the Crimson Creepers!

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