G.I. Joe All-Stars Day 42 – The Dirty Dozen by PHX Customs!

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I’ve been asked to write a wee little intro for this final week of G.I.Joe All-Stars. Needless to say it’s an honor to do so! First let me go out there and say that ICM puts on an amazing event each time he puts his mind to it! I mean, Reloaded, Recoiled, and now this?! The logistics involved to get the various powerhouses in the community together and contributing pieces to a single project alone would break a normal man, yet it seems that it just makes him more efficient! So, on behalf of myself, and I’m sure the rest of the participants, kudos on an amazing job! Now back to the task at hand. If you even thought you had seen the cream of the crop in previous weeks, you are sorely mistaken! This final week pulls NO punches! We’ve got works coming from some major players! There is a major group outing by Bucky, Dusty79, and Oreobuilder, which guarantees primo viewing, as well as a slew of customs by Rufus Adams, Miguel Rios and Mike Hatch. On top of this healthy helping of hotness, Pugsley is dropping a new jam, Marine-73, Mayhem’s own Marauder Ruben and VitruvianPro are also bringing work to the stage. Also, lest I forget, ICM and I’s fellow Syndicate member Ian is showing off something too! Finally, there are some great surprises coming from Panama Quiroz and Scott Rivet which I cannot say any more about because it would RUIN the SURPRISE!!!! Without further ado, I present for your viewing pleasure the start of the final week of G.I. JOE ALL-STARS!!!! DRINK IT IN, DRINK IT ALL IN!!! Join in the conversation after the JUMP!

-Will Joines / Ska_Lives!

Day 42 – The Dirty Dozen by Bucky, Dusty79 & Oreobuilder!

Today is the 42nd day of G.I. Joe All-Stars and we begin our final week with breathtaking customs from the grand daddies of awesome big projects, Bucky, Dusty79 and Oreobuilder, collectively known as PHX customs, sharing with us the most hard core G.I. Joe team ever, Duke’s Dirty Dozen!

Cobra is not afraid to fight dirty and now, neither is GI Joe! Duke has recruited twelve of GI Joe’s best specialists to take the fight to Cobra! They are highly trained soldiers that are not afraid of fighting dirty!

Here they are folks; get ready for the Dirty Dozen!

Duke by Bucky!

Duke was tasked with building a 12 man team to take on missions that didn’t require a full assault team, to make surgical strikes against Cobra! He built his team with the idea of having specialists that could operate anywhere, at anytime, in a large variety of environments. He poured through the roster, and the Dirty Dozen was born.

“My attempt to make an Ultimate Duke that wasn’t Retaliation related. The build focuses on the ultimate Duke body, which was fantastic, the Duke head sculpt I like the most, and unique accessories provided by raginspoon. He is my ultimate Duke.” – Bucky


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