G.I. Joe All-Stars Spotlight on the Bad Bloods!

Lead Foot by Destro4Life 1_zpsyrfqrsfn

Good day everyone! Today we bring you our first ever spotlight on the custom community’s finest talents. To start off, we’re proud to share with you G.I. Joe All-Stars Spotlight on the Bad Bloods! You’ve seen these characters, but now get to know their story, brought to you by their talented creators, Destro4Life and D. Strange Creations (same guy we love and call Numbers / G.I. Joe071681 in our Syndicate home). So just sit back brothers, and enjoy!

From the desk of D. Strange Creations…

“Basically, we made the team because Scotty and I wanted to collaborate on a project but couldn’t decide what. So we went completely no borders and made them mercenaries so we each had free reign to do what we wanted but tied them together with a color scheme. There were also originally only two but we were having so much fun we added two more. This was the first collaboration between D. Strange Creations and Destro4life customs/Silverback Enterprises but definitely not the last as we are already collaborating on a new project.”

Curb Stomp by G.I.Joe071681 / D. Strange Creations\

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