‘G.I.Joe APC’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Today I’m checking out one of the best large G.I.Joe vehicles from 1983. The G.I. Joe APC was The largest vehicle from this year and one of the best all time vehicles for G.I. Joe. This did not come with a driver but did hold most of the G.I. Joes one may have acquired by 1983. I would have loved to see the classic military transport M35 style truck, but this is a pretty awesome transport. The figures sit pretty tight in the seats and there is a seat belt that holds them all in place.

The driver’s seat it pretty standard, but there is some nice detail in there that is all solid color. This comes with a unique steering wheel, and it floats. The vehicle was featured in the cartoon and the comics. I did not have one of these as a kid and it was years into collecting when I finally found a couple of these. They display well and I love the overall look of this vehicle. This is a vehicle that was really cool as a kid and its value holds up as a collector. Who loves the APC? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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