G.I.Joe ‘BADGER’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. September already, it is hard to believe this year is flying by so quickly. Today I’m bringing a double feature, the 1991 G.I.Joe Badger and the 1993 Crimson Cruiser. These 2 used the same mold but created 2 different vehicles. The Badger is a vehicle I just got for the first time in a Marketplace find last week. This is one of those vehicles I would not have tracked down, but since I found it in this vehicle lot I had to do some closer inspection of the vehicle.

The color is a bit odd. At first glance It’s a shade of green with a little too much yellow in it. Pictures do not give this vehicle justice though. I put a 1989 Rock & Roll in the driver’s seat and this vehicle is actually pretty bad-ass. It did not have the top cannon, but the missiles did come with it and look like they could be fired right from their mounting peg. The front battering ram and some kick ass tires round out this vehicle and I’m glad I found this one because this is actually a really cool looking vehicle. The Crimson Cruiser is the same mold as the Badger but a Crimson red. I have had this one for a while but never really set it up.

I do have this one complete with the spring loaded top gun and the driver M. Bison. This one is cool as well. The red looks pretty cool with the 1993 figures, but the Badger is growing on me. I think this vehicle really looks cool with some of the early eighties vehicles. Over all I think these 2 vehicles have been passed over for many years. They display really nice and both look pretty bad ass. Who has 1 or both of these vehicles? Which one do you think is better? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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