G.I.Joe ‘Battle Below Zero’ Reviewed By Mitchell Smith!

Today I’m diving into the 2014 G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary Battle Below Zero set that came with Cobra Wolf and Ghost Hawk. This is one I sprang for and I’m happy I did. The Wolf is what sold me on it but the Ghost Hawk is cool as well. This has a Snake Eyes that looked cool but after so many different Snake Eyes I wasn’t really interested in this figure, but the Ice Viper is really nice.

This figure was very true to the original and both Ice Vipers are 2 of my favorite Vipers. I had the original Wolf as a kid and I loved this one. I had many battles with my other top all time favorite vehicle, the Snow Cat. When this version was released there was no hesitation on my part. This was awesome and also very true to the original Wolf.

Then there is the Ghost Hawk. Another great mold from the original Sky Hawk. This was a really nice version of that mold and I have to get some pics up of these 2 vehicles. Who else was able to get this set? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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