G.I.Joe Battle Force 2000 Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Today I’m going to get into the 2017 G.I.Joe Battle Force 2000 figures. I did not buy any of these but I wanted them really bad. Back in the day the Battle Force 2000 figures were all awesome. As a whole the modern set looked pretty cool. For the price though I thought that every figure should have had a removable helmet and an awesome original head sculpt.

From what I can see they kind of chintzed out on this set and I thought they could have been a lot better. I have never had any of these in hand so I can’t compare pictures to the physical figures, but the head sculpts look very poorly made. Did anyone buy this set? What is your input on in hand figures compared to the pictures? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know. Make sure to check back for our next G.I.Joe discussion.

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