G.I.Joe ‘Beachhead’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Today we are looking at G.I.Joe Beachhead, one of the all time greatest Joes. Wayne Sneeden is an Army Ranger. The original 1986 was just a great figure all around. His uniform and weapons were just awesome. As a kid I never had a Beachhead figure. He was a great character and played the roll in the 1987 G.I. Joe the movie as the hard nosed drill instructor training a class of misfits. He also was a staple in the cartoon. Over the years Beachhead has had a number of upgraded figures.

He was one of the limited edition Sideshow figures and also had a few 12 inch figures outside of Sideshow. One version came with an uncovered face but my favorite 12 inch is the 2008 version that was more true to the 1986 3-3/4 inch figure. My first. Beachhead figure was a TRU exclusive that came with the 2005 Moray Hydrofoil which was another vehicle I never had as a kid and this was my first of both. This version was the 2004 Night Force figure repacked and I like this version especially with the Moray. He did get a handful of 25th style figures, which the 2012 version is pretty cool but I’d like to get the 2014 version someday.

I like the colors on both and I love the textured shirts on Beachhead and all the other Joes with the textured shirts. I just think this makes the figures pop. Beachhead is one of my favorites and I hope we see him in a 6 inch version. He would have been a cool Sigma Six figure but guess he wasn’t in the cards. Is Beachhead one of your favorite characters? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP! Be sure and check in tomorrow for my next review, and stay safe everyone.


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