G.I.Joe Classified ‘Barbecue’ Figure Discussion!

Story By Mitchell Smith

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m checking out the 6 inch G.I.Joe Classified ‘Barbecue‘ figure. I know lots of figures are on people’s wish list and many of these figures especially Target Exclusives are hard to find. I love the thrill of the hunt but I ordered this one on-line. Ordering on line takes away the thrill for me but I didn’t want to pass up such a great looking figure. As many may remember I did a Barbecue write up over the summer and was hoping to get a 6 inch version of his original 1985 figure.

This one comes with his signature ax along with a long handled ax that looks pretty awesome. He also has his signature pack with a very nice hose that connects to the nozzle. This clicks in nice and tight and Barbecue can be put into many poses and everything stays together. The head sculpt is awesome but I would have loved to see a head without the helmet, but I have a couple head swap ideas for that. The head does come off nicely and I wonder if they had intentions to add a second head but somewhere got lost in transition. Over all this figure is awesome and I’m glad I went ahead and ordered him on line. Who has this Barbecue? Who is looking for him? Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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