G.I.Joe ‘Cobra F.A.N.G.’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m looking at a staple G.I.Joe vehicle the Cobra F.A.N.G. This was an interesting vehicle introduced in 1984 and was used in many episodes. The original is a neat vehicle and I was pleased to find the modern 2008 version. This was pretty much the original with a few minor tweaks. Finally there is the 2021 version that is a modified version but still has the classic feel.

This one does come with a figure and thanks to Terry Ruin’s review a while back I was extra careful bending the arm so I didn’t break it. Over all these are cool small vehicles and really display well. I love this one and I’m hoping they kick out the Stinger again because I never got an upgrade and that would look awesome with the Fang and the Hiss tanks they produced recently. Who loves the FANG? Who wants to see a Stinger released? Sound off below and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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