G.I.Joe ‘Cover Girl’ By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. I’m staying with the classic early eighties G.I.Joe and talking about Cover Girl today. Cover Girl was a cool character with a really cool vehicle. Although Cover Girl only has a handful of figures and maybe is not as popular as Scarlett or Lady Jaye, I think she is one of the great characters of the eighties. The cartoon did not have a lot of back story on this character but she was this sexy military girl who just kind of fit in with the boys.

The 1983 figure was very unique and the Wolverine she drove was also a very unique vehicle. There is a couple figure updates that are cool. The 2006 one is really cool, perhaps the best figure of Cover Girl. The 2009 version which has a nice head and I have swapped this with other bodies. Finally there is the 2013 version which I do not have and probably never will. I recently did a 12 inch Covergirl custom and I think it looks pretty cool. Overall I think Covergirl has been a nice character over the years and a staple in the early cartoon and comics. Who is a fan of Cover Girl? Who thinks there should be more versions of Cover Girl? Wnd which version is your favorite? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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