G.I.Joe ‘Dial-Tone’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m getting into another 1986 G.I.Joe character, ‘Dial-Tone‘. This is another figure my brother had and I was able to get plenty of play time with him. This is a great looking figure. I love his uniform. The black beret was brilliant on this character. Dial-Tone also comes with one of the most unique and most recognizable radio packs.

The nice thing about this is the mic was made pretty meaty compared to other character’s mics so this mic is one that normally is still attached if you are looking to pick one up now a days. Dial-Tone also comes with a really cool gun that is also unique and recognizable to the character. Dial-Tone did have a few upgrades mainly his original uniform with different color schemes. I did not like when his modern figure was sold as an exclusive and the price was jacked up, so I had to pass but I think the original figure looks better anyways. There was a female Dialtone in 2009 with the same last name Morelli.

There was speculation that this was the daughter of the original Dial-Tone, but it seems that Jill is actually Jack’s sister. Apparently Jack went up the hill and never came down. All joking aside Dial-Tone has always been one of my favorite characters and now writing about him has me thinking more about his sister. I’m getting a Luke and Leia vibe there. I think there needs to be a new animated series that gives some good back stories on some of these great characters like Dial-Tone. It would be cool for some new characters being related to the originals. Wouldn’t female crimson twins be awesome? Does anyone have the female or the modern Dial-Tone? Which is your favorite? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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