‘G.I.Joe DOC’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost, today I’m sticking with 3-3/4 inch G.I.Joe characters. Doc was the original medic on the Joe team from 1983. The Original Doc figure came with a stretcher, a flare launcher, and a tan removable helmet that was unique to the other helmets we were used to seeing from 1982. Doc has had a couple upgrades but the best one was the 2008 modern style Doc.

This was an upgrade to his original figure and this one was a mail away version. I’m sure this brought back many feelings of growing up in the 80’s for many people as it did myself. In today’s modern world so much is online and instant that collecting the points and mailing away for this figure and waiting for him to come in the mail was just a really cool feeling, and maybe some of the younger members don’t remember having to collect flag points and wait 6 weeks for your figure to come in the mail.

Doc was a staple character in the cartoons and comics. He was always the voice of reason and always was trying to counterbalance whatever crazy thing Cobra had cooked up and released onto the world. This has always been one of my favorite figures and I was happy to get my modern Doc in the Mail, It was just good old fashioned fun. Who else got the mail away Doc the hard way? MAKE THE JUMP to the forums and let us know. Make sure to check back for the next discussion.

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