‘G.I.Joe H.A.V.O.C.’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Today I’m going to discuss one of my favorite vehicles. The 1986 G.I.Joe H.A.V.O.C. (Heavy Articulation Vehicle Ordinance Carrier.) I received this one for Christmas and it was to me, mine, mine, mine, LOL, not one of my brothers, so this was one of my favorites right from the get go for that simple fact only. Now I still have my original but it looks like it went to war. My puppy got a hold of this one and chewed the 2 main guns off the top and a few other parts so my original is around for battle damaged Havoc only. I was able to find a couple more over the years so these look pretty cool in battle.

Let’s get into some of the features of the Havoc. First off, I love the flying vehicle in the back. Was there ever a name given to this vehicle? I don’t recall it ever having a name, but it was a cool extra vehicle for some extra attack power on the Havoc. Next was the top gun where the driver sits to control the Havoc. Seems a bit unsafe for the driver sitting at the top of the vehicle exposed to everything, but nobody ever got shot in the cartoon so it seemed like a great place to have the controls. Next is the cockpit. Kind of a cool place for Joes to ride but I wasn’t sure if there was a real purpose other thAn transporting Joe’s in there. I guess there some control panels so maybe that is the controls for the guns and rockets. Either way the glass canopy is a pretty cool feature and makes the vehicle pop.

The last piece of the puzzle is the driver Cross-Country. Robert Blais has always been one of my favorite Joe names. His father drove bulldozer and mother drove a grader, if that doesn’t sound like a country song than nothing does. Country was also his choice of music and there was a whole episode that poked fun at his love for country music. Later in 1990 there was a Sky Havoc. This was a cool version and I do have one of these and the colors look better in hand then on paper. Then in 2014 there was the Snow Cat version of the Havoc. I love the Snow Cat and it may be my most favorite vehicle of all time, but I don’t like it so much as the Havoc, maybe if they had released it at retail at a reasonable price it would look better in hand, but I don’t have one and probably never will be able to get my hands on one. Over all the Havoc is a nice vehicle and it is in my top 10 for land vehicles. I’ll be back with a new discussion soon be sure to check in and as always stay safe. Be sure and let us know below what you think of the Havoc and Cross-Country AFTER THE JUMP!

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