G.I. JOE Inside The File Cards Featuring “Cobra Trooper”!

Photos courtesy of 3DJoes.com

Today we are starting a new series of feature articles titled, “G.I. Joe Inside The File Cards“! Our first featured character is Cobra Trooper!

Originally just referred to as “Cobra” with a codename of “The Enemy” they have evolved to be referred to as “Cobra Troopers“. Their original filecard states they have a PMS of “Infantry” and a SMS of “Sabotage”. They are skilled in the use of explosives, all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms, sabotage, and martial arts. Cobra Troopers are qualified experts in the Skorpion VZOR61, M-16, Dragunov sniper rifle, and the Uzi.

It appears these common soldiers are highly skilled and would come off as more of a threat to the Joe team than they are depicted. Typical infantry soldiers in any world army are not usually trained in martial arts, explosives or a sniper rifle so this would be a force to be reckoned with. However the Dragunov rifle is not truly for snipers, it is assigned to designated marksmen in a unit. Basically the soldier who is more accurate with a rifle in an infantry squad. Designated markmen engage targets from 300-600 yards (whereas most of the rest of the squad engages targets out to 300 yards). Sniping requires other skills such as stalking and they engage targets past 600 yards. I like to think the OG Cobra Trooper was given the Dragunov rifle in the toyline but that was not necessarily representative of ALL troopers being assigned this more expensive and precision weapon. Maybe the thought was to have some Troopers come with an Uzi, M-16 or a Skorpion as well? Regardless I do not think any military in the world could afford to give every soldier a weapon such as the Dragunov with its more rare ammunition (7.62x54R) versus something in the 5.56 or 7.62×39 calibers.

On the Trooper there appears to be a garrote on his right arm. This goes with the concept that Cobra Troopers use stealth to perform some of their missions (such as taking out sentries so they can plant explosives to carry out “sabotage”). They also have some sort of pistol looking weapon on their gear and two large bullets on their left arm. Some people have stated this is a grenade launcher with two rounds on their arm. However a more accurate description is it is a tranquilizer gun with two rounds. This again would fall more in line with Cobra Troopers being used more for stealth based missions versus direct action fighting. Joe lore does not need any ninjas when you have the common Cobra Trooper!


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