G.I.Joe Kre-0 Arashikage Dojo set “In Hand Images”!


Today we have a look at the latest G.I.Joe Kre-0 set to hit retail, the Arashikage Dojo set. This one is a must have for any Kre-0 collector. Check out the details and images below and share your thoughts JUMP!

(Source: hisstank)

Hisstank.com forum member Hobbes-timus Prime has scored the set and has shared crisp, clean images of not only the Kre-O figures included in the set, but also of the Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank! Join us after the jump for images of:

Commando Snake Eyes and Timber
Hard Master and Gray Ninjas
Destro and The Baroness
H.I.S.S. Tank with rear cannon

Hobbes has also included images of the H.I.S.S. towing an A.S.P. and comparison images alongside his Lego style H.I.S.S. Tank. Make sure to share your thoughts on these awesome new G.I.Joe Kre-O additions with us on the Hisstank.com forums!


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