‘G.I.Joe Reflection’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. All the preparation and puff it’s gone with a snap of the fingers. This year I tried to be a little more giving. Tried to help those who needed help most and the true meaning of Christmas filled my household this year. I am very blessed and I never take a moment for granted. With that said let’s get down to business. The early days of G.I. Joe were my glory days.

From an early time I Loved G.I. Joe and I did not have many as a kid but all that I received were ones I cherished. Some I received that were special were Recondo, Shipwreck, and Footloose. These were figures that were gifts from special people in my life. Then there are those that I wanted but did not get such as Spirit, Airtight, and Strato Viper who would have come with my most wanted Vehicle as a kid. Growing up in the sticks, the shelves were rarely filled with G.I. Joe. We only got to the stores as kids maybe once a month or every other month. So it was not easy to guilt trip my parents into toys or into G.I. Joes because there weren’t any. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love what I had. Most were shared ones with my brothers like Frostbite, Wild Weasel, and the Crimson twins. Tomax and Xamot were 2 of my favorite figures as a kid.

I remember like it was yesterday some of the adventures a sent these 2 on. Later in life when I started collecting it was a nostalgic move on my part. I wanted to see in hand all the great figures I never had. As I started hunting them down I began to see the work that went into G.I. Joe. The thought and care to make the best figures ever. This wasn’t a money driven thing by the creators. This was love poured into a mold to create something that would be around long after their time had ended on this Earth. I have grown to appreciate G.I. Joe way more as an adult and I enjoy looking at photos and sharing memories. All the new adventures we go on looking for modern Joes today and sharing our stories is why I still Love G.I. Joe. I’ve made some friends through the Joe network and look forward to sharing some new adventures in 2021. It’s been a fun ride and I hope everyone collecting these days has a similar story. What are some of your favorite characters from your childhood? What is your favorite part of collecting G.I. Joe? Sound off below and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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  1. I remember receiving the Tomax and Xamot two pack like it was yesterday. I was sick, and my mom surprised me with them. That was enough to make any young boy feel better! I spent countless hours having them use their skyhook, repelling from one kitchen chair to the next. They are without a doubt, my favorite action figures of all time.

    Thank goodness for the Classified Line. The new Joe line brought me back into G.I. Joe collecting. I have everything the new line has to offer except for Gung-Ho and The Baroness. I’ve also started looking into collecting the original Joe line. So far, the only figures I’ve picked up are the Twins, but my goodness, what joy that brought.

    I’m looking forward to participating more in the online G.I. Joe community, but honestly, it’s a bit intimidating. That being said, I’ll do what I can and I won’t let my Joe-passion waver again.

  2. Our stories are very similar. I grew up “in the sticks,” the nearest Joe-carrying stores were all at least a half hour away. My first Joe was Breaker, and the RAM cycle. I loved Breaker ’cause in the card art he looked like my uncle. I did get a lot of the toys, looking back I see I had almost every figure from 82 to 87, and most of the vehicles. The big vehicles and playsets were always Christmas gifts from my parents – the Joe base, the Terror Drome, the Whale, the hydrofoil, the Sky Striker, the Night Raven. They got me all that stuff! One of my favorite memories is being in a drug store with my grandma, who was very old-fashioned and conservative and talking her into buying a Zarana figure for me. She thought it was pretty scandalous that Zarana’s shirt was ripped the way it was and her upper breast was exposed, but she got her for me anyway, ’cause Mom explained to her that’s what I was into and it was okay. A lot of memories wrapped up in those “little plastic men.”

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