G.I.Joe ‘Renegades’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. I had a chance to binge watch the 2011 G.I.Joe Renegades series. I have watched a few episodes here and there and this was the first time I sat and watched all 26 episodes. Overall I thought this was well done. They took classic characters tweaked their backgrounds and personalities and created something fresh and modern.

Me personally I am old school and I love the originals as they are, but I was able to get into this and appreciate the characters with a modern upgrade. Each episode was a separate missions, but the whole series followed one path from episode 1 to episode 26. They ran into many popular characters along the way and this “What If” world rewrote many characters stories, but made an interesting series. It took me a while to get used to a young Dr. Mindbender who wears mud boots all the time, but I felt the characters were good and gave the idea that G.I.Joe wasn’t just a military group but a group of people around the world helping those most in need. Some of the characters I loved growing up who had such great personalities were in this series but a little dry.

There was no Wild Bill yeehaw, the Salty sailor wasn’t so salty and without his lovable sidekick, and General Abernathy was stuck behind a desk rather then being the strongest leader on the battlefield. I think they completely destroyed my 2 favorite cobras Tomax and Xamot, they were awesome in the eighties and they were completely different in this series. The Baroness was second in line and had a slight romance with Destro which was cool, and Major Bludd seamed to be hanging out with Gnawgahyde a bit who they never showed unless he was one of the many Dreadnoks that had nothing unique about any of them.

A lot of characters were tossed in and were very hard to pick out visually but the whole time I was thinking is that who I think it is, and most of the characters were revealed by name and code name. I did like that aspect of trying to pick out classic characters in a new light. There is still the strong story between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, Duke and Scarlett have a similar relationship as in the original series, and Flint and Lady Jaye are completely opposite, but I feel there is a love hate relationship there. The bio vipers are kind of a page out of Marvel or is it the other way around. I’m not sure who was reading who’s comics first.

This is a series that could have had multiple series, along with a successful toy lines, but I’m not sure why the direction went to cutting it off and going to an all exclusive overpriced figure line. There were cool characters and vehicles that would have been awesome. I would have picked up any of the characters at normal price, and some of the cool vehicles such as the snowmobiles, Bludds car, and the Coyote would have been awesome. Over all this was very entertaining series and I’m now thinking number one on the 6 inch list should be Tunnel Rat. What is your take on this series? Who is your favorite character? Who do you think was completely destroyed from the original series? Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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