G.I.Joe Retaliation Cobra Night Viper Review


Today we have a review of the most anticipated figure of the G.I.Joe Retaliation line, Night Viper. Check out the review below and share if you think this figure is worthy of you army building it after the JUMP!

(Source: Hisstank)

1989 introduced G.I.Joe fans to new Cobra Troopers that until this day, remain fan favorites. One of those characters is the Cobra Night Viper. Sadly enough, this awesome troop builder only saw three versions, with two of those incarnations coming directly from the G.I.Joe Collectors Club (Although many would argue that the Pursuit of Cobra Jungle Viper is indeed the 4th)…well, that is, until now.

The final wave of G.I.Joe Retaliation figures brings this iconic character back in to the hands of collectors. Sporting his classic Night Vision Helmet and Sniper rifle, this figure is sure to make a lot of fans happy.

Our own jinx723 has completed an in-depth review of Night Viper and does a great job of covering every base possible. We’ve mirrored his images here on the front page, so make sure to check them out after the jump. Are you planning on owning this figure or are you skipping it all together?


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