G.I.Joe Retaliation Star, ‘Adrianne Palicki’ Entertainment Weekly Interview!


Adrianne Palicki, who will be playing the role of  ‘Lady Jaye‘ in this month’s release, G.I.Joe Retaliation, gives a great interview with Entertainment Weekly and we have it for you below.

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Adrianne Palicki is the only girl on a team full of guys in the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation, playing Lady Jaye, the self-described “intelligence” of the group alongside Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis. (She also doubles as a weapons expert.) EW sat down with Palicki last night at AXE’s Facescore event, where the actress squared off against Denver Linebacker Von Miller in a series of challenges including a walk-off and a Wii snowboarding battle. In case you were wondering, Palicki won.

Before the battle, Palicki previewed some of what’s to come later this month with G.I. Joe — including her SEAL-approved workouts and those reported reshoots.


On the training regimen: “We trained with Navy SEALS. Harry Humphries is a retired SEAL, so he’s actually one of the original so he brought his whole SEAL team to train us and they’re actually in the movie with us, guiding us, which was the most nerve-racking part because if you mess up, you know they’re going to be pulling you aside and scaring you.”

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On balancing action and acting: “Thankfully I love the character and she’s very well-written. She’s a tough girl. She’s got a little bit of a chip on her shoulder. She’s like the only chick around all these guys so she kind of has to hold her own. She’s the intelligence in the group; she’s the weapon specialist. So there’s a lot to carry with that.”

On her action star co-stars: “They’re both so different, you have Dwayne who’s like an action figure and then you have Bruce, who’s John McClane. They’re both so different — and they’re both so funny in different ways. Neither one, oddly, were intimidating.”

On re-shoots: “A lot of that was false: We did like two days of reshoots. They added one scene. It wasn’t really a big deal — it was like the normal reshooting situation. Actually we lucked out because it was only two days. But I think it adds to the film completely.”



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