G.I.JOE Sigma Six ‘Spirit’ Review By Mitchell Smith!

Today I’m going to take a look at the 2005 G.I.Joe Sigma Six Spirit. The Sigma Six line was a bit of an acquired taste to begin with. The figures were a bit boxy and not as realistic looking as the 3-3/4 inch or the 12 inch we were accustomed to. Also for 2005 jumping into collecting figures at $15 a pop was a big jump and a big investment.

Even those who bought them for their children were not all that keen on pumping that much money into a large amount of figures. Nevertheless, as time passed and the line was discontinued in 2007 the figures were more a novelty item for many including myself. The only figure I bought from the store was the 2005 Spirit. The figure is very cool. The weapons are pretty awesome and Freedom was all the more reason I bought this figure. Plus he came with his on little carrying case to store all the weapons. I did buy this party because I never had the 1984 version at the time and it was a nostalgic thing for me.

It wasn’t till years later and a couple 1984 figures later that I started to find the Sigma Six figures at flea markets and I was compelled to buy them. I found a greater appreciation for the whole lineup and a greater appreciation for the Spirit I had bought back in 2005. I think it was a short lived line more do to the price then the figures themselves. Spirit has always been one of my favorites and this Sigma Six version is a really cool figure and anyone who has any of these especially Spirit knows what a treasure these are to have in your collection. Feel free to drop a line with your thoughts as always love hearing your input and experience with this figure AFTER THE JUMP.

Image Courtesy of CoolToyReview.com


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