G.I.Joe ‘Stalker’ Story by Mitchell Smith!

Lonzo R. Wilkinson from Detroit, MI. ‘Stalker‘ is one of the Original 13 and was notable for being a Ranger. Stalker served with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow in Vietnam and the backstory was told of the 3 in Comic issue #026 The Origin. Stalker has been a staple character over the years and falls into my top ten overall with G.I. Joe characters.

The other day walking through my local farmers flea market I spotted a GI Joe in a bin of mixed figures. The unmistakable face of Stalker was among the 4 Joes and the Vintage 1977 Tusken Raider I picked up for $2.00. When I got home I started looking over the Stalker figures I had and ones I didn’t. I have the original 1982 straight arm figure of Stalker, although I did not own him as a child he was one of the coolest figures of the original 13. His African roots, green beret, and camo uniform made Stalker stick out in his own respectable right in that first lineup. Stalker has had many updates over the years.

Some of my favorites are the 1982, 1989, and the 2011 version. I never got into the Joe comics probably because they were not easily accessible in my small town I grew up in. Now trying to put together a run of a series is something I have not found the energy to do. But either way Stalker was a major roll in the comics as well as the cartoon. Stalker was always someone the Joes could count on and remains one of the top characters of all time.

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