G.I.Joe ‘Tele Viper’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m getting into a great 1985 character the G.I.Joe Cobra Tele-Viper. The Tele-Vipers were used a lot in the animated series and probably the comics but I’m not sure about that. The original figure is pretty cool and I recently picked up my first 1985 figure that is in pretty great shape. There is also a Python Patrol version that looks great.

There are a few 2000 versions which 2005 is a great one and the modern style 2008 version is really cool and came with the Trubble Bubble. I did not find the modern Python version but I do have the original. These were always cool characters that got a bit overshadowed by Crimson Guard but I loved them in the cartoon and the way they were used. These are more tech type characters so they were mostly communication and what would soon become the great technology race rather then fighting with a gun.

This would have been a cool 12 inch character and I’m sure this one is not on the 6 inch table but I think it would be really cool in that style. Does anyone army build these? Who loves the Tele-Vipers? Sound off below and let us know which version of Tele-Viper is your favorite! Also, make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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