G.I.Joe ‘Topside’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m checking out 1990 G.I.Joe Topside. 1990 was a pivotal year for me. I was starting high school and my Joe days were coming to an end. Topside was one of the last figures I received and probably one of the most underrated characters. Topside has a cool look to him and past NAVY characters like Cutter and Shipwreck have fixed hats, but Topside has a removable helmet.

Along with a cool rocket firing pack, his uniform was unique and full of detail. From the orange NAVY life vest to his yellow rope belt this is just and awesome figure. I don’t remember seeing Topside in any cartoons and I’m not sure if he made the comics or not. There are only the original and one modern figure of Topside, so maybe he came at a rough time to get any other versions.

A couple years ago I found a Topside at my local farmers market and was able to drill out his rusty screws and add the gear I still had from my original Topside to make a complete figure. I also used one of the Dollar General blue Shipwrecks to customize a modern figure and I’m going to swap out the 2020 Crankcase head to see how that works. I’m thinking it will look good. Over all Topside is a great figure and one I have always loved. Who loves Topside? Who has both versions? Sound off below and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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  1. Topside is one of the best figures from probably the best year of GI Joe, 1990. The sculpt is excellent. He was featured in several episodes of the DiC cartoon, I believe he was the star of one of them “an officer and a viperman” where he went undercover with ambush and pathfinder and joined cobra, as an Undertow.

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