G.I.Joe ‘Tunnel Rat’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

image courtesy of 3djoes.com

Today I’m going to get into another one of my favorite G.I.Joe characters, Tunnel RatTunnel Rat came on strong as a recruit in the 1987 G.I. Joe The Movie. Right from the get go he was an instant hit for me. He was unconventional I guess, but he thought outside the box and made things work to his advantage.

I had the original figure as a kid so this one was loads of fun setting up battle scenes and having him crawling through the mud. Nicky Lee, The Brooklyn boy is very unique and was just a great character all around. I loved the version one figure of Tunnel Rat. He was just cool looking, the colors were perfect and his face camo was really awesome. Very cool design and he had awesome weapons and accessories. He had a few figures over the years.

The 25th style was cool, and he being a main character in the Sigma Six series had a couple cool figures there as well. There is also a cool 12 inch Tunnel Rat from 2002 that I have been thinking about picking up if I find one for a fair price on Ebay. As you know I did not follow the comics, but I’m sure he was in the comics as well. If anyone has any input on that feel free to share. Over all since his introduction Tunnel Rat has been a staple character throughout the franchise. Hope everyone is staying safe and staying sane. Check back for the next G.I. Joe discussion. If you are fan of Tunnel Rat, sound off below and let us know AFTER THE JUMP!


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