G.I.Joe ‘Under Cover’ Story by Mitchell Smith!

GI Joe under cover sub group

Philip Provost AKA Chuckles is a G.I. Joe character created in 1987 and debuted in GI Joe the movie. Chuckles who seemed a bit out of place in basic training in his Hawaiian shirt was a glimpse at a sub group that never materialized. At a time when Miami Vise was very popular and in the main stream, GI Joe the movie was able to pull in Miami Vice lead character Don Johnson to do the voice of Falcon. Someone seemed to miss the potential of an undercover sub group though.

The figure design could have been fairly basic and the paint scheme would have been the most expensive thing to do. They could have put various Joes in the Hawaiian shirt or even in a sports coat such as Don’s Character Crocket. Lets say they created this sub group in 1994, they could have used a number of existing characters such as the obvious characters Mutt, Shockwave, and Law, as well as others that were ripe to slide right into an under cover position such as, Sneak Peak, Psyche-Out, and Main Frame.

This could have went hand in hand with the push they made for fighting street crime when the drug overlord Head Man was created. This sub group would have been prime to fight street crime, and new vehicles and characters could have been created. Maybe now could be the time to reinvent GI Joe if Hasbro wants to head toward a more non military based Joe and go into a more 1970’s action man style Joe, by creating sub groups such as police, Fire, and adventure type groups.

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