Story by Mitchell Smith

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at a G.I. Joe figure from 1987, Fast Draw. In my opinion this is an under appreciated figure. I had Fast Draw as a kid and this was a cool unique figure back in the day. He has 2 missiles ready to fire at his target. Maybe not the most realistic military concept, but I love the futuristic concept figures.

This color scheme is unique and I could have seen him sliding into the Slaughters Marauders lineup but that obviously didn’t happen. I vaguely remember seeing him in the cartoon once but I’m not 100% sure he was ever in or not in. It looks like he was used once in the comics from what I can see. There were no other versions until a very hard to find 2018 club exclusive came along.

Overall I think this is a great figure and I’m happy I had this one as a kid. I would have loved to see him and all the other club exclusives that I couldn’t justify paying the price for at retail. Fast Draw would have been a really cool 12 inch figure, and I would guess a Classified figure is years away, so for now I will just enjoy my favorite version of Fast Draw. Who had Fast Draw as a kid? Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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