Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at a G.I. Joe figure and character that I think is under appreciated. Steamroller is one of those figures you may or may not of had as a kid. Some how some way my brothers and I had 2, and for the life of me I have neither figure and only a few parts to his massive Mobil Command Center. Either way this is just a really cool figure. First thing that is great is his hat. I’m not sure if the gang couldn’t get rights to the “CAT” logo or if they didn’t even try, knowing that most parents would get the DOG on his hat but most kids probably wouldn’t know or care they went with that. His vehicle itself was awesome and maybe overshadowed the figure.

He has a very nice heart with a dagger in it tattooed on his upper arm, and he just looks like a tough dude. I think he looks great as an extra HAVOC driver, but I don’t think he ever made an episode and probably never made a comic, correct me if I’m wrong please. His open vest with six pack abs and a pistol on his belt makes this figure unique and just pop.

I think he pays homage to the eighties heavy equipment operators and truck driver who worked tirelessly to bring us goods such as food, furniture, and our beloved Joes. Overall this is a great figure and I’m glad I had him as a kid. Are you a fan of Steamroller? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments. Make sure to check back for our next Joe discussion.


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