G.I.Joe – The Ring of Fire Day 2!

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My primary goal this year is to custom G.I. Joe o-ring figures. With the help of friends, I was able to acquire a few o-ring fodders and I’ve tried to make good use of them. I mixed and matched parts and came up with what I thought could work.

Now I bring you these original and concept G.I. Joe characters, o-ring style and built a story around them. The file cards tell the tale. Just follow / read the first file card up to the last and you will get the full story of this small 3-day custom figure project I call, G.I. Joe: The “O”- Ring of Fire. Hope you guys like it!



Many years ago, when man thought the physical presence of the Devil finally left the Earth, a huge serpent creature from hell appeared to spread terror to mankind. They called it the Snake Demon. Only 9 brave men called the Knights Templar dared to challenge this nefarious creature. Using the blessed Sword of God, they have succeeded and were able to trap the Snake Demon underneath the waters of the Pacific region now known as the Ring of Fire.

This valiant story was written by lightning in a scroll which will remind men of their eternal struggle to vanquish evil. The Serpent’s Scroll serves not only as a window to history but the key to unlock the prison of the Snake Demon.

Years passed, peace reigned over the Earth and the Devil can only tempt man to create chaos. Until one day, the Serpent’s Scroll was found; it fell into the wrong hands. And today, there is no longer Knights Templar to save us.

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Day 2 (of 3) – “Snake Demon Unleashed!”


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G.I. Joe Jungle Patrol


Cobra Termites

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3-headed Snake art by dinmoney


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