G.I. Joe All-Stars Presents: THE CRUSADE – Day 4 (of 7)

Day 4 - xGremlin by Hawaian Style Customs 1_zpsho4e7lsu

The Crusaders

The Crusaders is special military unit of G.I. Joe who assists in humanitarian, medical and environmental missions all over the world. They are men and women from different countries and religion who specializes not only in the art of war but also in science and various forms of medicine. They act as modern day Knights Templar / Hospitaller who serve mankind and protect the world from terror.

The Marauders

Armed men who extort, steal, hi-jack and create chaos in the society. When the man called Jack became their benefactor, their numbers grew. They have been supplied with weapons and provided with resources in exchange for their services. From street level terror, they climbed up to global arms and international crime. They are the thorn on the Crusaders’ side.

The man called Jack

The man called Jack is one of many mysterious men named Jack scattered all over the world who covertly organize and lead institutions and corporations while slowly building an underground empire to rule the world. All the men called Jack are well educated in various fields (medicine, engineering, law, accounting, psychology, physics, economics, military, etc.) and highly trained in numerous technical skills. Annually, the Jacks of all trades meet in a secret convention to share methods and resources to further strengthen their cause. While most of the men called Jack operate legally, some do the dirty deeds like arms smuggling, infiltration and black ops, and among them is the man called Jack.

Whose side are you on?

The battle begins!

Marauder Eradicator (Redeemer Mech pilot) by Swizzlesticks

Image Image Image

Marauder Redeemer Mech by Lowlight27!

Image Image Image

Marauder Gremlin by Hawaiian Style Customs!

Image Image Image


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