G.I.Joe’s new Look Revealed by IDW!


If you were wondering what the latest ‘re-imagined’ look for your favorite G.I.Joe characters was going to be, we have it for you today. IDW has revealed the designs for some of your favorite characters, as they will be appearing in the new IDWRevolution‘ continuity. Whether or not Hasbro goes along with these and creates action figures with the same designs is yet to be seen. But, you can get all the details on the comic series below, and let us know what you think about the new direction for G.I.Joe AFTER THE JUMP!

So, instead of following the trend toward hard, military drama, instead of wading into contemporary geopolitical issues, instead of trying to make the series feel “real” by increasing all the grim and gritty stuff… we’re veering off in a different direction.

Like the Sunbow cartoon series, we want this book to be fun, funny, action-packed and, most importantly, aspirational. That word was a massive part of my initial pitch for the project, and it’s why we’re doing things like amping up the science fiction elements, equipping everyone with laser guns and even putting a Transformer on the team.

This approach comes through in the writing, of course, but I think you only need to look at the art to see what we’re talking about. Giannis and Lovern Kindzierski are creating not just the best-looking G.I. Joe book ever, but, in my completely biased opinion, the best looking book in the industry, period. Giannis hybridized style, seamlessly blending European comics and manga influences, along with Lovern’s well-considered, deliberate palette – one that highlights his abilities not just as a colorist, but as a storyteller – they all blend together into an approach that proudly announces itself as something far different from the G.I. Joe book of the past.

I’ve seen what the rest of the teams working on post-Revolution books are doing and, quite frankly, it’s amazing. All of them are. But once G.I. Joe hits, once people actually see and read how we’re approaching this material, they’re going to be blown away, they’re going to have to put the pieces of their shattered minds back together so that they can read the book again and again and again. It’s the book that people are going to be talking about, raving about, shouting from the rooftops about. It’s the Crown Jewel of the Hasbro Universe……………..

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“G.I. Joe” #1 is scheduled for release in December. The “G.I. Joe: Revolution” one-shot is scheduled for release on Oct. 19.


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