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Garfield Action Figures by Boss Fight Studio

Boss Fight Studio has announced a new series of action figures inspired by the iconic Garfield comic strips. Pre-orders are now open for the first three figures in the lineup: Garfield, Odie, and Nermal. Although the listings do not specify the exact height or scale, the $24.99 price suggests they are approximately 5″ to 6″ tall. Each figure includes interchangeable parts and character-specific accessories.

The figures are expected to ship in the second quarter of 2025. Check out the renders, details, and pre-order links below.

Garfield Action Figure
Our rotund orange star, Garfield, now has his own action figure with 25 points of articulation, a tray of lasagna, swappable expressions, and his teddy bear Pooky! Recreate your favorite Garfield adventures or create new ones!

Odie Action figure
The sweet but goofy Odie now has his own action figure with 17 points of articulation, his food dish, a swappable tongue-out mouthpiece, and a swappable wagging-effect tail! Perfect for every Garfield fan.

Nermal Action Figure
The world’s cutest kitten, Nermal, now has his own action figure with 17 points of articulation, swappable closed eyes, a ball of yarn, and a box to be mailed to far-off lands! Add some cuteness to your collection!


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