Generations Metroplex Hong Kong ACG-Con Version

First Look at Metroplex Hong Kong Exclusive Transformers Genarations Action Figure (15)__scaled_600

If you were stoked about the new Generations Metroplex, check out all the subtle additions to the Hong Kong ACG-Con Exclusive version,the paint aps are really nice. Share your thoughts after the JUMP!


RobotKingdom has just posted a preorder for the ACG-Con exclusive Generations Metroplex, the Hasbro Asia edition of what we’ll be seeing at San Diego Comic Con this week. While the included minifugres are colored in gold and silver rather than red and purple, the toy is otherwise just the same as the SDCC edition. Priced at $179.90 and requiring EMS shipping it isn’t cheap, but if you’re not able to secure one from San Diego or Hasbro Toy Shop, this may be the next best option.


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