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Those two would have made for a great movie and perhaps we will see a Joker Harley movie one day. The two of them just having fun.
I know I would like to see that because for the most part that was the best part of Suicide Squad.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate origin stories.
The first part of the movie is nothing but exposition and origins.
Since we have not had time to have eleven movies, well nine in all actuality because four of the characters are paired already, we get a lot of origin telling.

We also have a super secretive government agency that basically messes everything up by building a team to combat a nonexistent threat.

I guess the origins were key however since through the origins we learn the individual weaknesses of a few team members.

Now I like the Enchantress quite a bit. She is historical, immortal, evil. Well she does have a weakness too. Oddly enough you could say everyone’s weakness is their heart in this film.

Harley’s weakness is her psychotically induced love for Joker.
Deadshot’s weakness is his love for his daughter.
Flag’s weakness is his love for June.
El Diablo’s weakness is his love of his family and the guilt he feels.

Let’s take a second to talk about Flag.
He is duped by Amanda Waller into loving the woman who became Enchantress. He is however, a strong soldier and he brings other strong soldiers into the fray.
The military aspect of Suicide Squad put me on the edge of my seat. I do so love military scenes.
The scene where the baddies get their gear back was well done. Love Harley’s pistol with words on each chamber.

I did not like the Enchantress’ Goddess costume. She looked like Evil Lynn. Right down to the headpiece and skimpy outfit.
In fact most of the costumes were terrible.
Deadshot and Harley were fine. From the amount of Harley cosplayers ( including the gal in the theater) They like the new look.
I liked Deadshot’s wrist pistols. Impractical in reality but in his hands…awesome.

Now Katana was a cool character, great outfit, (I am a sucker for those cropped jackets) but her powerful sword that traps the souls of its victims and her martial arts skills, as well as her cold demeanor, were a treat.

Joker was a cross between Jack Palance and a gangster. In fact there were a few too many gangster references in Suicide Squad for my taste.
The bad guys do what they do and it is a miracle Harley does not get killed. Girl has more than just bats in her belfry.
Still I wanted her to be more crazy, she was supposed to be this crazy version of a psychiatrist but to me she seemed quite normal. Joker was definitely crazy bit Harley just was along for the ride. I wanted much more. Maybe in that Joker Harley movie…

So the good guys…err I mean the bad guys wind up in a final battle, as is common in these formulaic movies and save the day and get their rewards.

I will say that there is an after credits scene but I am not exactly sure what is going on. It is a bit confusing and almost funny, especially the delivery of the last line.

Did you enjoy Suicide Squad? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!



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