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I waited till yesterday.
This was a good thing.
Tuesday 1:15 matinee, less than ten people in the whole theater!

So here we go

Basically it was like watching at home, if I had a giant screen in my living room and booming surround sound.

Like most comic book movies for me, I had no history lesson prior to viewing.
I know nothing of Ultron.
I do know about Thanos and that infinity gauntlet though. Except it has been ages since I read those books.

I went in with no preconceived notions.


Let’s begin shall we?

The opening battle was great.
These are not ordinary fight scenes. These are well choreographed and thought out. What would happen if the Hulk met a tank?
right. That.

We have a couple hints of things to come, some good foreshadowing in this battle.

I am not going to go into exhaustive detail over every scene. No sense in that.

I am going to dive into each character and how they play a part in the story.

Captain America.
America’s super muscled boy scout. Leader. Language monitor. Morale officer and motivator. He keeps the team together.

Iron Man, more apt, Tony Stark.
Egotistical, selfish, loner. Not a team player. Shades of Civil War come about when he bristles at Cap’s orders and goes off on his own. Itis all his fault and yet he still continues to act the same way.

The Hulk, Bruce Banner.
Bruce is able to be calmed by Black Widow. This is a pivotal plot point that is woven throughout the film.

Speaking of Black Widow.
We learn of the horrible past she went through to become what she was and how she struggles to fight that instillment of coldness every day. Her interactions with Banner, show her lust for a normal existence she can never have. She holds her own and even shows up the guys on the team. Despite their lewd comments about her at the party. She manages to show us all that she is not a monster even if she believes she is.

Which brings us to Thor
Thor plays a key role but his hammer, more so.
Thor also brings in his scientist friends, alas this is the problem with an all star cast. No Portman and no Paltrow. They are mentioned, but only in a “my girlfriend is better than your girlfriend” bragging conversation. War Machine and Falcon have guest parts too.

Hawkeye shows the softer side of the Avengers, injured, always the hero, and he has a hidden secret life.

Which brings us to
loyal to his country to a fault, he sides with Ultron along with the Scarlett Witch and it has dire consequences for his city, and himself. Hawkeye’s heroism plays a key part in QuickSilver’s story.

and that brings us to the other powerful woman in this tale.
Scarlet Witch.
Twin sister of Quicksilver and arguably the most powerful of everyone assembled. She enters everyone’s mind at some point and finds some disturbing things. She laughs at the beginning of the film when she is able to see the future of Tony Stark, the man she so despises because of his weapons. The weapons that were used to attack her city.
She too plays a very important part in the story.
Her anguish and quest for revenge dooms everyone. What she sees about Tony shocks her and then delights her, she decides to let it unfold.

There is another character as well but to avoid spoilers I will hold off on his part.

I cannot forget Maria Hill and Nick Fury, Smulders and Jackson have smaller roles this time around but are not any less a hero than the Avengers.

James Spader makes for a great villain. He plays Ultron with such human qualities and curiosity. This could have been a disaster but Ultron is a great character with what one could term a very emotional disposition.

It is a crowded movie indeed but Whedon is used to large ensemble casts.
The balance works.
The subplots that will lead to more films such as Civil War and the Infinity Gauntlet are woven with fine thread.

Overall an engaging tighten and clench your butt muscles as you watch type of movie. The real key to this movie is how the characters play against each other.
Not who can lift Thor’s hammer. Which made for a pretty funny party game if you ask me.



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