Get the ‘Skinny’ on Godzilla 2014!

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In theaters now, Godzilla will most likely knock Spider-Man off the Empire State Building. That will be quite the trick because Godzilla is in San Francisco and Hawaii this time around. This new movie had no fish, and no stadiums filled with raptor like mini godzillas. It also had no Ferris Bueller which was a huge plus.

I  went to the 2D version and must say that the CGI is totally amazing. The way they did the destruction scenes will have you sitting back saying how the heck does that look so real? This particular Godzilla goes back to basics. Humans mess up, evil monsters are on the loose and there is an all out MMA fight in the middle of a big metropolitan city. There are scenes designed to make you think about the familial aspect to the hero character but they are not sappy, they have just the right amount of grit to make you want things to turn out ok. Oh, and if you are a G.I.Joe fan, keep your ears open. No real plot, just some big monsters duking it out on the big screen. The military might as well spit at them for all the good it does. Heck in some scenes the way Godzilla waddles along even looks like a guy in a suit lumbering around. Fantastic.

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