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What if your father was a god with a lower case “g” ?

That is the question posed in GOTG2. Actions have consequences is yet another. Family yet another. Star-Lord has never known his father. His biological father that is. In truth he has had a father all along but he chose to see the negative instead of the hard choices that parents sometimes have to make.

The opening sequence is a long drawn out battle with a tentacled multi-toothed slug. Groot dances away as the other Guardians battle the slug. At the end of the first movie we saw baby Groot, now Groot is a young kid and into all kinds of mischief.The Guardians are there, hired by the Sovereigns to protect the batteries, yup that is right, batteries. Rocket however thinks it is going to be financially beneficial to swipe some batteries for himself to sell on the open market.
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The Ravagers, the Sovereigns, and Nebula, Gamorra’s sister, all pursue the Guardians. An egg shaped ship appears and rescues them. It follows them to a planet and their savior reveals himself to be Ego, (Ego and the Id) Quill’s biological father. The movie then explores the relationship that Quill always wanted, a loving, caring parent, that gave him everything and was there for him when he needed him.

Instead he found himself kidnapped by Yondu who was supposed to deliver him to Ego, just like hundreds of Ego’s other children.
Those actions disgraced Yondu in the eyes of the Ravagers and Stallone’s character banished him.

We are introduced to Mantis, an empath who Drax calls an ugly bug. She has the ability to put Ego to sleep by touching him. In a comical moment she uses this power on Quill and Drax. She jumps up to touch Gamorra and she snatches her wrist, denying her to be “read”

The movie is filled with eighties references and some are a bit ridiculous but I have to say I loved the arcade noises used when the Sovereigns manned their ships. A lot of arcade memories came flooding back as one Sovereign is surrounded as he “plays” the game. I recall many times where people would gather around a good player to watch them play video games. Now they all gather on Twitch.
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Nebula’s frustration with the group is clearly apparent and very enjoyable to watch, she is the audience’s eyes and I bet more than a few audience members rolled their eyes with her at points. I know I did at least once. I will let you guess which moment that was. Wokka.

There are more than a few nice homages and surprises along the way.
The movie runs the gamut of laughter and scenes that will get you all misty when you think of the personal relationships of the characters.
If you don’t choke up just a little bit at the end you must be partially made of stone. There are several after credits scenes and some cute gifs in the credits themselves. Guardians of the Galaxy does not take itself too seriously and that is what makes it work so well.

It is a light hearted romp accompanied by seventies hits. The awesome mix tape two does not use as recognizable hits from the seventies, but they do fit well into the movie.

This movie is about growth of character, not about shoot em ups and three word languages. Groot has a pretty small role in this chapter. The focus is on Rocket this time. Rocket has to see the consequence of his actions, and learn that nothing is always what it seems.

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