Get The Skinny on ‘ROCKETMAN’ (Spoiler Warning)!

Elton John, I was too young to remember him or too young for him to impact me. I do remember his music videos from the eighties and of course The Lion King Soundtrack. He is still standing.

I went expecting (whoops) a documentary still autobiography or something like that. What you actually get is a Broadway play. It opens with Elton in his orange horned devil outfit. Elton is walking down a hallway and joins an addiction meeting. From there we start to see his past. Reginald, at a very early age of five and his home life. Then his grandmother, father and mother also break into song. It was a bit jarring. Full on dance numbers depicting the tragedies of his life and I suppose in a way, what inspired him or Bernie to write such songs.

From greedy managers, one who sleeps with him, to his regrets of marrying Rinata, who he says did not deserve how he treated her, we see the ride of his life. Complete with the abuses, the emotions, all put to song after familiar song. It was entertaining to see how each song came about, how he came up with his name, a couple of the dance numbers were amusing also.
It only covers up to 1983, then ends with him undressed, in a track suit, at the addiction meeting. Coming to terms with his father, mother, grandmother, Bernie, and his five year old self.

A gifted man, but also a troubled one. I cannot help but wonder if the emotional strings of his life were what drove him to greatness.
If he had not had those, would there have been inspiration? How much of those songs were Bernie, and how much of those songs were Elton?
I can see them taking this format to Broadway. It seems more like it was written as a stage musical than a movie. It was trying to be a musical from the fifties, a biography, a tell all, I think just too much was crammed into one script. Most likely why they only took the first 25 years of his life and then skipped the rest.

Not that there were not outstanding chart hitting songs that came after.
That’s What Friends Are For, I Guess that’s Why They call it the Blues
Sad Songs Say So Much, The One, Healing Hands, Sacrifice, Candle in the Wind, New duet with George Michael of Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,
Something About the Way You Look Tonight, I Don’t Wanna Go On with You Like That, Can You Feel The Love Tonight and Circle of Life ( the new Lion King trailer was played before the movie.)

The success of Bohemian Rhapsody may have pushed this film out the door too soon. I think it could have been better. Since it was produced by Elton himself, perhaps some distance from the truth may have not been a bad thing. We all have our own skewed view of our lives. The timing was right.
After his stint in the Kingsman movie, another seventies rocker movie, The Bohemian Rhapsody Movie garnering Oscars, and the new Lion King movie coming very soon, I can see the studio wanting to capitalize on all the current trends.
Go here for all of the hits in order of rank. … t-100-hits

What did you think of Rocketman? Let us know your thoughts on the film AFTER THE JUMP!

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