Get The Skinny on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ‘SPOILER WARNING’!

I won’t deny it, Star Wars resonates with me emotionally. I do not know why exactly, I think it is just a well made, well thought out series that attempts to entertain and also to show us a galaxy of times long long ago.

I like many of my generation grew up with Star Wars, we traded cards with each other on the bus on the way to school, we played with the figures on the playground. We played with toy blasters and lightsabers and our imagination chasing each other in the yards or playgrounds or wherever we found ourselves.

I am sure that many a time I vanquished imaginary Vader and his robot troopers. ( Hey I was a kid and faceless guys with “oil” on their back meant to me they were not people. My kid mind just ignored Luke and Han dressing up in those uniforms. I guess)

Rogue one had a lot to live up to. It was taking a huge risk by placing new characters in the foreground and relegating beloved characters to background roles. Characters are what makes a story. However the story has to be good as well. The story was fresh. Rescue the one person you know who will be able to talk to and find out a weakness for a new threat to the rebellion and galaxy itself. The story spans several decades starting with a young Jyn Erso, who witnesses the fate of her family at the hands of the Empire.

This story evolves around the creator of the Death Star. A creator forced to build this massive weapon, and as such, he covertly builds in a weakness. This alone answers the question of how the Death Star builders could have overlooked such a blatant weakness. It wasn’t an oversight, it was purposeful. Once Jyn is freed from Imperial prison, she is asked by the Rebellion to find information. She goes on a Wizard of Oz like journey gathering allies as she goes.

Cassian Andor and K2SO are the rebels she first encounters.
Cassian is a rebel who lost his family at the age of six and has done things, shady things, for the Rebellion ever since because he so strongly believes it is right. K2SO is not a typical droid. He is a former Imperial droid who has been repurposed and re-programmed and is extremely loyal to Cassian.

Vader has purged the Jedi. Chirrut Imwe is not a Jedi but is a blind master who is Force adept. His chant will be one of the most quoted lines in Star Wars. If Chirrut is the elegant sword Blaze Malbus is the blunt object. Blaze is the friend of Chirrut and the two have a very tight bond. Blaze carries what can only be described as a heavy machine gun blaster.
Saw Gerrera is a tired warrior who has had his fill of fighting. A pilot delivers a message to him and he shares the message with Jyn.
Bodhi Rook is the pilot, he is not the strong type, nevertheless he is a hero in his own right. These are the motley band that help the Rebel Alliance.

Director Krennic is the main antagonist. He has his own squad of Death Troopers, an elite group of Storm Troopers that are sent in when normal troops will not suffice. Darth Vader is voiced once again by James Earl Jones in a masterful fashion. Jones delivers a line that will become one of the most memorable Vader quotes if not Star Wars quotes of all time.

You see several familiar Rebel Alliance faces, including a pair of droids. It is a tiny cameo, but it is indeed true to character in every way. Several pilots, generals and a Mon show up. There are new faces too. A predecessor to Admiral Ackbar commands the rebel fleet. Admiral Raddus knows what needs to be done.

Jyn has a personal mission and it just so happens her personal mission will help the Rebellion win one of their greatest victories.

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