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Spoilers ahead
Han my boy…
Han Solo.
It is a name that that has been said by many.
Maz Kanata said his name best I think. With jubilation and a bit of anger.

We need a Maz and Chewie, the love story, spinoff.

This movie could have had a story told a couple different ways.
It could have been a story about Han and Chewie after they met, on some adventure.
It could have been a story about Han and Chewie before they met, a little origin story.

Overall it is a good story, Han and his girl, (yes I said that) Han faces some tribulations and then Han, well Han acts like Han.

There are going to be those who get on the anti SJW wagon here and start on their soapbox tirades.
I can see things from a certain point of view, but I also see things as an evolution.
Let us break things down just for that crowd before we move on.

Han Qi’Ra
Chewie Val
Lando L-3-37
Tobias Enfys
Dryden Vos Lady Proxima

All in all it is a pretty balanced cast.
Yes there is balance in the force… I mean balance in the galaxy.
Han is not, overshadowed by Qi’Ra, in any respect.
They work together as a team throughout the film.

I would put this on a par with Rogue One as far as execution and storytelling. As well it should with Ron Howard at the helm.

Where this movie does fail is all the nods and homages, it is a soup bowl full of Easter Eggs.
It has too many for my tastes.
The story gets lost in the homages.
Excuse me, the characters get lost. Plot never really matters in a Star Wars film. It is really about following your favorite characters on an adventure.

We see some neat things outside of the Easter Eggs. One thing is a good old fashioned train robbery scene with a nice science fiction twist.
The whole movie also has a very western type feel to it. Han is a cowboy after all.

The homages really kept pulling me out of the story. There were too many nods to films past and current. Sometimes it is nice and sometimes it is not so nice.

Seeing Han fire up the Falcon for the first time.
Not so nice:
The surprise at the end of the film.

There is a story element that is pretty tired for me. In fact I trust you will be bored with it as well. (that’s a hint for those of you who saw the film already) It is a James Bondian thing.

It was Ok and expected that Clint Howard makes his appearance since this is a Ron Howard film. It does go on a bit long though.

Ehrenreich does a nice job as a young Han, This really is a difficult thing to do. You can try to impersonate Harrison Ford, or you can pick up on his mannerisms and quirks and add them to your own. Han is still young here and as such there is some leeway for interpretation. Then again we would like to think things change and we evolve as we grow older, but really we do not. Han should be Han at age twenty and pretty similar at age thirty and sixty.

Saving grace?
No force flying Leias. there were no real groan inducing moments. the major flaw was just too many little cute things that diehard fans will get overwhelmed by.
I could have done without so many for one simple reason. It was a bit far fetched for all these Han iconic things to happen on one mission. I did like that he was an Imperial, and not a very good one at following orders for three years. that helped the believability a little.
It was just too much of pieces of Han crammed into one mission.

Emilia Clarke was phenomenal as a new character that I really enjoyed. The great thing about her was she and Han worked together and neither ate up each other’s scenes.
She is a badass because of unfortunate circumstances.

Enfys Nest made for a good villain as well. Another badass.

There is a nice gathering of various aliens on board the yacht. Star Wars needs at least one bar scene with innovative character designs.

Joonas Soutamo, well he is Chewie, through and through. He has this character down now after three movies.

Donald Glover. He also is Lando. Smarmy smuggling gambler type. In his first scene I would have thought that Billy Dee did ADR. Seriously.

I think the thing that most that are going to balk at, those who ant to balk, is L3-37, She is well voiced, and a nice K2S0 spicy type of droid. Played by Phoebe Waller Bridge, her character is used to present some story elements that some might construe as hidden agendas or messages.
Look, Science Fiction has always been used to do this, sometimes successfully and unnoticeably, sometimes it is like a hammer on the back of the head. I think that her character was slightly, but not overly leaning in that direction. This has been used time and time again since the birth of science fiction.

Frankenstein, was also about society, that was the true thing that made it resonate with people. Frankenstein was asking the question, should people try to play God. The Twilight Zone presented themes that were controversial but disguised them so well that we were just entertained. Where else could you get away with a show like “Eye of the Beholder”?

The sad thing about Solo for me was that prior to seeing it, I was not allowed to just watch a Star Wars movie. The internet had already prejudged it loudly and said it was an SJW movie. So what happens then? Your brain starts to purposefully look for these things. Whether you want to or not.

I give it a solid C, mainly because it tried to be too cutesy and explain everything about Han becoming Han that we know and love it one short span of time. It takes a lot longer to become the people we are and we don’t stop doing that until we are no more.

See it but try to see it openly and not with the tainted perceptions formed by internet gossip. What did you think about Solo: A Star Wars Story? MAKE THE JUMP to the forum and let us know!



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