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I would say that Star Trek is one of my favorite fandoms.

I was never a huge fan of Kirk but the show was in syndication and you could bet that we watched it when I was a kid. I am not sure which parent it was that liked the show. Action, Sci Fi, and what a colorful palette.

There was a Mustang in the movie theater lot with STR TRK plates, red shirts in the lobby promoting the local fan club, and a packed house for the 12:40 matinee.

There are, as always in Trek, several messages woven throughout.

The first, is an old one. Shatner said it best.
“Whatever you do, don’t let them take you out of that chair.” Kirk trying to find himself is something we can all relate to.

The second is one of diversity.

The third, a most appropriate one, is about death.
You will see three homages to Nimoy and the film is dedicated to him and Anton as well.
Facing death is certainly apparent in this adventure.

The fourth is an extremely subtle one, it is almost political, but it is also one about clinging to the ideals of the past. Krall has one line that makes him seem very…mired in the past. The theme of pushing the frontier could be interpreted in a similar manner to a certain campaign if one wanted to see it that way.

One thing J.J. Abrams knows how to do and do well is cast Grunberg…I mean capture the look and feel of Star Trek or Star Wars for that matter.
Ships, designs, uniforms, sounds, technology, he can see what fits in a Trek universe and still be innovative.

I do have an issue with the final scene at the Yorktown. I guess we are supposed to forget that even though they are used throughout the movie, somehow transporters in the Starbase do not work.

Justin Lin who produces the great TV series Scorpion lets loose with an Inception-like dizzying array of unique camera angles.
Scene after scene is a visual treat.
I will say it again.
Stop with blues and yellows Hollywood!
I wish they had not used Sabotage in the trailers, it would have been a great surprise otherwise. Since we had heard it before, hearing it again was predictable. Those who see the movie will know why.

Every screen was monochromatic baby blue. The transporter controls in a transporter phone booth, the monitors on the ship, all of it.

One gimmick they used in the film that will take you out of the film and thankfully is at the very end uses time lapse photography. Cool for a documentary, terrible for a motion picture.

The crew has really bonded and become yet another solid group. You can see the layers of friendship that were apparent in the last TOS movies.
New characters are welcome.
Jaylah, Krall, Ensign Syl, Tyvanna, Kalara, Manas.

Jaylah in particular seemed to fit that brogish rough around the edges role.

I enjoyed it but it did have a few weak points.
Simon Pegg wrote a good story, I think it may have had a few too many Scotty scenes though.

There will be continuing voyages…

Did you enjoy Star Trek: Beyond? Let us  know after the JUMP!


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