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There is a new series of Star Wars stories to check out in town. After a long wait, Star Wars is back. Now running weekly on the Disney Channel XDStar Wars Rebels is about a ship full of Rebels, but these rebels are not to be held in high regard. They skirt the edge of being heroes and villains. They do what they must to survive. The first episode “Droids in Distress” deals with their crafty mischievousness. The overall story and pacing of the episode were good.
The characters in rebels are very likable and you want to follow their story. They all have traits that I find intriguing. The young jedi, just learning his powers is going to be an ongoing thread and has great potential. He is pretty old for a Jedi Padawan though, and whenever that happens things get iffy.

Rebels takes place between the prequels and Episode IV. No Jedi council around to properly train this young whippersnapper. You have Sabine dressed in brightly colored Mandalorian armor with hair to match. She is young and sassy. A twilek pilot named Hera who watches over the young Jedi Ezra. Kanan a Jedi who survived order 66. Zeb, the muscle. A part of his origin is revealed in this episode. Chopper, a droid, who is quite like Artoo in his manner but a bit less dignified. Agent Kallus is the Imperial who is in charge of keeping districts loyal to the Empire. He is tied to Zeb’s origin in an insidious way.

I did enjoy the first episode, I do wish it was on at a different time or day. (no DVR)
I say this without seeing the movie yet. I did try to watch it but exhaustion combined with a late night showing prevented that.

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