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Living in a smaller world than most people, going to the movies, for me, is an event. The theater manager knows me by name and the staff know me on sight I chose to go to the special AMC opening night fan event showing.

I arrived at about 5:15 for the 6:00 show and did not get out until about 9:30. Way too many previews. We are here for Star Wars, we paid extra to see a special advance day showing, in 2D no less, and you subject us to ads, previews and more. Star Wars fans, there to see Star Wars… skip the stuff and let us see the movie!
Yes I know you are required to show that stuff but dang it… I digress.

I ran into only a few others dressed up. There was a Han and Chewie on a date, myself as Snoke,

A fantastic kylo … =3&theater and @GuardianDreamerCosplay as TOR character Kasodi Black check out her stuff … =3&theater 

There were of course oodles of Star Wars shirts hats etc. like Luke and Admiral Motti say, this is a religion. First day goodies included free popcorn, a special behind the scenes short with John Williams and 5X7 lobby cards. I ran into the guy who tried to buy all my vintage Star Wars figures when we were in High School for 10 bucks. I wanted 10 apiece. No deal. We discussed the film for a couple minutes afterwards.

There is that.
The film.
A lot of film. A lot to take in, A lot to digest. 

Star Wars was based on old movie serials like Flash Gordon as is common knowledge. It seems that the trend for entertainment is to binge watch. Imagine it is the forties and you are sitting in a theater watching six episodes of Flash Gordon. Now you have seen the format for The Last Jedi. It comes at you fast with short story after short story, they weave together, but they also seem like several chapters.  You have to pay attention at all times or you can miss something. Don’t get lost in thought thinking that the scene on the planet Crait is like the Hoth scene, it is but if you transport yourself back to that battle you are going to miss something.

There is a clear message that Disney and Lucasfilm are conveying with The Last Jedi. Very clear and very blunt. Once you see it you will see what I am talking about. Cinematography is fantastic, the acting is on point, the story progresses nicely but it does feel like a Netflix marathon. Such is the standard for today’s entertainment.

There are twists and turns, surprises, breakout characters, new planets, and a whole slew of new characters. If you thought the Cantina, Jabba’s palace, and Maz’s watering hole had a ton of characters wait until you see the Casino on Cantonica. Porgs yup, Ahch-To is full of them and some surprises. It will take decades to make figures of everyone in this one or people will go broke collecting them all.

You are going to cry, you are going to laugh, and your jaw is going to drop and your mind will race. Because you know, it’s a Star Wars movie. What did you think of Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP!

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