Get the Skinny on The iZombie Season Finale!


iZombie took a while but it found its groove.The first few episodes were terrible. Poor mysteries predicated by mysterious deaths. The premise was sound but it needed developing. Now however, the season has ended with a big finish.
Things started to get interesting with the introduction of Blaine. Liv was not the only zombie walking around.

David Anders is fantastic as the bad guy you love to hate but cannot kill. Funny too. Once they dropped the lame murder mysteries and started to delve into what it was like to be a zombie, and then the whole situation with Blaine’s services and blackmails, the disappearing kids, the butcher shop, Liv’s kid brother, Liv’s room mate, and especially Major taking on the role of badass vigilante, the show really became intoxicating. Major even had a bromance with Dr. Ravi.

Now we have the unresolved story with Max Rager. Energy drinks make you a zombie with incredible powers. Who knew? Steven Weber makes a great executive whose only motivation is greed. remember him? the goofy brother from Wings?

The band.
That whole homage to I Know What you did Last Summer and then actually pointing out the homage…brilliant. It all added up to this huge finale.  We see characters go away, new possibilities. decisions. Clues left for Clive. It wrapped everything up and at the same time left us hungering for more brains.

The ending? wow, one decision leads to yet another. Not easy being a zombie is it?
Pass that hot sauce.

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