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Thor, Loki, Jeff Goldbum being Jeff Goldblum, a valkyrie with attitude, and a big lava monster. I think that is what I saw. Oh and Hela, the spiky horned incarnation of, I said horned you naughties, death herself.

It is a family reunion comedy. Odin, Thor, Loki and sis Hela all get back together on Asgard for a family meal. They invite a Valkyrie and a big green party crasher. First though, they have to un-invite themselves from Jeff’s party. Jeff does not want them to leave though. Hulk does some mean party tricks and he really likes party tricks. Really though Jeff Goldblum is very distracting in the film. I kept waiting for him to show me apartments. He owned his role, but he played it as Jeff. Because you know, that is who he is.

The underlying story of Odin and Hela, taking his daughter to work with him and laying waste to the nine realms before Thor and Loki came along is pretty well written. Loki steals the show as the black sheep brother.
The Valkyrie has some great moments as well. When she is revealed as more than a bounty hunter looking for champions for Jeff her character really develops. Tessa Thompson nails this performance as a bitter drunken former hero who becomes heroic again. I was not sure what to make of Banner. He was kind of used for comic relief but I was not feeling the performance. The Hulk was given a much bigger role, and calmer role than any he has had before. Except in the arena. The gladiatorial scenes seemed like a monster truck rally. A lot of glitz. Reminded me a bit of Idiocracy. They did give us Korg, who was voiced by the director and they added scenes for him… narcissism much? It works though, Korg’s comedic indifference to the events happening around him are pretty funny.

The visuals are stunning, the story plods along a bit but it does make sense. It is a great interpretation of Jack Kirby’s style.
For more on that just check out Comicbook girl19’s glowing review.
Her favorite new Marvel movie

Why did I wind up seeing Ragnarok? Well I took a poll on Twitter.
Twitter decided to send me to Ragnarok over Justice League.
Stan Lee was kinda funny, he looked good in Kirby attire.
This is a step into a larger story, now that Marvel has so many movies under their belt they can feel free to use any character they like.
Doc Strange plays a key role, we see Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, Loki, maybe even some eggs in there I probably missed. The plot is pretty straightforward. Hela is free, and Thor must stop her from destroying Asgard. There are hints of the infinity war to come, a lot of hints.

Previous Thor movies were darker in tone, with the successes of Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy, the jokes fly at your face, especially if you go see this in 3D. A good movie to watch at home before you go see Infinity War, but not completely necessary. The Marvel Universe is growing. Maybe too much. I just hope that in the next movies we see captions like “Way back in civil War at the 1:35 minute mark!”

Make my movies Marvel.

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