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Time to go back to the eighties. See, stories about the eighties that take place in the eighties can be told and gain an audience.

I am not sure why, but the kids head out to go to see Return of the Jedi and after the movie are discussing which they like best. they even stick in an injoke saying that the third in the series is never as good as the first two. This really puzzled me. It is either a jab at the movie itself or a jab at movie audiences in general. To make such a comment breaking the fourth wall startled me a tiny bit.

I love going to these movies because I have not read X-Men comics for over a decade, and to be honest I have not read that many to begin with. My expectations or disappointments are zero when it comes to that.

I do feel there was a very long first act. I think this is where Fox fails when adding to the MCU. There is a very long scene telling the betrayal of Apocalypse. It does have the return of Moira except we don’t know that until she gets called by name much later. Hey don’t expect me to remember her, maybe Charles wiped my mind of her appearance too.

Then we are introduced and re-introduced to the characters one by one. Storm played wonderfully by Alexandra Shipp, Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Beast, Mystique, Nightcrawler,QuickSilver, Angel, Psylocke, Charles, Moira, Logan even gets a small scene in here as Weapon X. Stryker, Jubilee, and the list goes on. It eats up a lot of screen time establishing these characters again. There are just too many. I imagine that the most of the school names bandied about are certain characters but I did not know any of them. A ton of easter eggs.

Stealing a page from Superman IV and Short Circuit When Apocalypse learns everything he can about the world since his betrayal 3000 years ago through TV, he eventually uses Cerebro to get rid of the worlds nukes. Now the only thing that can stop him are the mutants. Humans are helpless before him.

The mansion is destroyed but not before another crazy long sequence showcasing Quick Silver’s powers like a long slow motion music video, complete with product placement. I remember Tab and now it is about all I remember of that scene too. His stopping to play jokes was cute but annoying.It worked better in the other film.

I like that Charles calls on everyone to protect those who cannot protect themselves, but when he does we don’t see any of that. It is back to the X Men trying to rescue Xavier from the big blue guy.

The big blue guy is impressive, he has a flair for the dramatic in killing people for sure.

The biggest and also most predictable thing of the whole movie was Jean unleashing the Phoenix. Everyone else failed in stopping Apocalypse, but she had the goods.

The battle itself, taking place in two realms, the mental and the physical was something we have not seen before. Jean was in control on both planes. Building a movie around her and the Phoenix Saga is the most logical next step.

Another memorable moment was after the battle when Charles makes his goodbye speech to Magneto and then we are put in the danger room with Mystique. Jennifer Lawrence went straight into Katniss mode for that scene. In fact for a second I thought she was definitely channeling Katniss to rally the troops before the training began. It was a bit silly to have each character do a hero pose as she talked. Poor Jean just shifted her eyes from right to left. Scott did have his new visor in place. I am not sure I liked them ending on that note. It was OK. They are kids I guess.

One theme that is always at play is how mutants are treated. It seems they have been lionized and also barely tolerated. The way they are treated forms their decisions as to which side they choose.

I did enjoy it for the most part as I do like most of the Singer X-Men story. After seeing what Marvel can do with Spiderman though, I would love to see X-Men return home.

Bring on X-Men vs Avengers…

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