‘GLOW’ is on Netflix!

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Now I don’t remember the specifics about GLOW at all. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was one of those guilty pleasures of the eighties. It was a cheaper version of the WWE with all lady wrestlers. On late at night, these ladies had just as interesting storylines as the WWE.

Campy, beautiful, some not so beautiful in the ring, but all full of talent.
You can bet I fell for the good versus evil stories and cheered on my favorites just like I cheered on Brutus the Barber Beefcake and the Undertaker. The good thing about GLOW was that there were no jobber matches. It was always hero versus heel. Now Netflix has created a new series that explores the behind the scenes of how this all came to be.
Was there as much drama behind the scenes as in the ring? It sure seems that way.
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Unlike the PG wrestling series we all remember, this is for adults. The series contains nudity, profanity, drugs, mature themes. It is however a blast to watch and the nostalgia in the show is incredible. Sometimes the years are a bit mixed just like in the Goldbergs, but overall it does a good job. The soundtrack is like a greatest hits of the eighties album.
The actresses nail their parts, as well they should because, they really have two parts to play. The lead Alison Brie is brilliant as Ruth Wilder, aka Zoya the Destroyah, from Soviet Union.

Not to mention Kate Nash, as Britannica, Ellen Wong as Jenny, Sydelle Noel, Sunita Mani, and Gayle Rankin as the She Wolf. Gayle in particular really shines in her own episode. I binge watched the series and cannot wait for season two.

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GLOW (the real deal) did their own rap just like the Chicago Bears.


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