‘Godzilla 2014’ Sequel gets an official Release Date!


If you enjoyed 2014’s rendition of ‘Godzilla‘ like many of us, you are going to be excited to know that the sequel to that film now has an official release date. Get the skinny on this below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: scified.com)

Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers have revealed today that the sequel to this year’s massively successful Godzilla (2014) will be released on June 8th, 2018! Godzilla 2 (working title) will see Gareth Edwards return to the director’s chair, following his Star Wars spin-off film, which is set for a December 16th, 2016 release.

During Legendary’s Comic-Con panel this year at SDCC, it was confirmed that three iconic TOHO Kaiju will share the spotlight with the King of all Monsters; Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah in the Godzilla sequel. Easily some of the franchises most iconic foes / allies, which suggest Gareth’s initial intentions of doing a Destroy All Monsters style sequel, is apparently the angle Legendary has in mind.

It’s unknown how the production and distribution will play out, considering Legendary have officially broken off from Warner Brothers as they’ve found new partnership at Universal. It’s also unknown if Universal will expand their theme park attraction line-up to include Godzilla themed rides, though it’s a definite possibility.

Godzilla finished it’s major run in cinemas grossing over $500 million worldwide and outperformed many of this year’s top films at the box office. It’s evident the King of Kaiju still holds a special place in the movie goers’ hearts. We at Scified are thrilled to hear of a definite release date for the sequel and will be avidly reporting news on it throughout the next 4 years, through Godzilla-Movies.com. Be sure to bookmark both sites for constant news & updates!


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